M & E Appraisal

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The scope of Nationwide Consulting Company’s clients include Fortune 500 companies, insurance companies, lending institutions and local businesses. Through designated professionals (including the 2002/2003 ASA International President), our team has successfully completed assignments that:

  • identify and quantify excess operating costs
  • quantify obsolescence (functional & external)
  • establish value basis for accurate accounting records
  • value individual items of machinery and equipment
  • value operating lines or production facilities
  • estimate market values for financial reporting
  • provide cost segregation analysis

Recent appraisal assignments have taken this team of highly qualified professionals to various locations in Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Canada, Mexico, England and numerous other European countries as well as every state in the U.S.

A truly international team.

Assignments have been completed for sale, acquisition, financing and tax issues.