Our senior members have testified at local, state and federal courts for ad valorem, condemnation, bankruptcy and other related litigation purposes.

Our appraisal division has completed litigation assignments for small, large, private and public companies and for all different purposes. Our litigation division consists of seasoned appraisers with several members holding the MAI and ASA designations along with state licenses. The Machinery and Equipment Division performs detailed analysis of excess operating costs, obsolescence studies , market equipment transactions and cost segregation.

Below reflects a sampling of our recent litigation related assignments, both small and major property types, performed by our personnel over the past few years:

  • Bankruptcy-Retail Store Assets. .Issues: Value of store assets
  • Condemnation-Gas station. Issues: Total take but subject to long-term lease
  • Tax Appeal-Apartment Building. Issues: Valuation
  • Tax Appeal-Liquid Storage Terminal-Superior Court. Issues: Valuation
  • Condemnation-Shopping Center. Issues: Lost parking near entrance
  • Tax Appeal-Mini-Storage Warehouse-Revaluation Hearing. Issues: Valuation
  • Civil Litigation-Warehouse. Issues: Breach of contract and loss in value
  • Bankruptcy-Fully Integrated Steel Mill. Issues: Value of major equipment and real estate
  • Tax Appeal-Office Building. Revaluation Hearing and Tax Court proceedings. Issues: Valuation
  • Condemnation-Heavy Industrial Property. Issues: Re-configuring of rail access
  • Tax Appeal-Brewery. Issues: Valuation
  • Tax Appeal-West Coast Refinery. Issues: Valuation and valuation technique.

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